Businesses can benefit from Renewable Energy

NGRE is one of the leading renewable energy installers for businesses in the UK, with a reputation for quality and innovation.

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Commercial Solar Energy

High Performing Solar Systems From A Trusted, Experienced Team

NGRE can supply & install a bespoke solution to meet your exact business needs by recommending a high performance solar PV system that achieves maximum savings whilst future-proofing your professionally fitted investment.


Solar PV

We're helping business owners save money by reducing their utility bills by an average of 70% pa using solar and battery storage. By utilising industry-leading technology and cooperating with trusted partners all around the world, we've built the largest community of connected solar battery systems in the UK.

NGRE complies with current industry standards and hence our preferred manufacturing partners go through our scrutiny system to ensure that high levels of quality and assurance are adhered to and maintained. Whether you’re looking to cut your electricity costs, reduce your carbon footprint or future proof the energy supply of your building, the investment of a commercial solar PV system can offer your business the perfect energy solution to help combat ever increasing energy costs.

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Battery Storage

We pioneered demand response from residential assets, and now we're using our cutting-edge technology to enhance revenues in commercial scale storage. By aggregating assets ranging from 3kW to 50MW+, we fill in the gaps and meet the needs of all asset owners in the market.

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EV Charging

NGRE has access to a wide choice of charging hardware and software solutions from our trusted partners, allowing us to provide and install the optimal charging solution for your business. NGRE offers the knowledge, experience, and highly skilled teams to deliver your project on schedule and under budget, from simple upgrades to knock-downs, re-builds, and new constructions.

We install and commission the EV charging points on-site, as well as provide a full maintenance service to ensure their long-term durability and reliability.

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Givenergy Monitoring Portal

Key Benefits of Commercial Solar PV

  1. Reduced electricity bills
  2. Reduced CO2 output resulting in improved carbon accounting figures
  3. Offers good PR of your green credentials as a company
  4. Generation of additional income from any unused electricity
  5. Larger commercial solar PV installations can achieve a reasonable ROI if there’s a significant amount of electricity consumption during daylight hours
  6. Stabilise your electricity supply and reduce air conditioning/cooling overheads during the warm summer months

Finding you the BEST energy services!

For almost 20 years, our commercial energy partners have offered commercial energy services to UK businesses. They have access to over 50 utility suppliers, ensuring that your company is working with the most suited one for your needs.

4 key reasons to try us

  1. You REACH trusted suppliers you would not otherwise reach as they don’t deal direct with clients.
  2. Help you find the best PRICE in the marketplace.
  3. Save TIME by allowing us to work for you while you carry on with your own business.
  4. We will do all the post contract WORK of switching and monitoring. REACH, PRICE, TIME, WORK. FULL POWER works for you.

How to get renewable energy for YOUR business?

Switching your business's energy provider is a simple and quick solution to lower your energy costs. Switching to renewable energy sources can help you save even more money while also improving your company's image.

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