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SAVE the planet!

Installing solar panels can help your business significantly lessen its impact on the environment. The CO₂ offset by a standard 250 kWp PV system is around 64 metric tonnes, which is the same as the amount of fuel a fuel-powered vehicle would need to go 96,000 miles.

Commercial Solar Energy

Economic advantages of solar panels

Tired of high energy bills eating away at your profits? Invest in commercial solar panels and take control of your energy costs. Our high-efficiency panels and expert installation will significantly reduce your reliance on the grid, leading to substantial savings year after year. Imagine the positive impact on your bottom line!

In addition to paying for itself in around five years, the average commercial solar panel system can generate free electricity for over 25 years and yield financial returns of up to 20% annually.

The Financial Benefits of Business Solar Panels

Interest in commercial solar panels has reached an all-time high due to the dramatic spike in wholesale energy rates.Companies can become independent power producers by erecting solar panels on their roofs. Companies can power their on-site operations with affordable, dependable energy from solar panels.

Combining industrial-scale solar panels with battery storage systems

Rather from sending the free energy your solar panels generate back to the grid, your company may save even more money by storing and using it all.

By reducing your company's reliance on the National Grid, an on-site energy storage system can shield it from power outages and rationing, ensuring that it can keep running even when its rivals go out of business.

Solar panels' positive impact on the environment

We face the threat of a man-made global catastrophe, according to NASA, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and other top scientists around the world, if we keep burning fossil fuels like petrol, coal, and oil. In order to prevent catastrophic harm to our planet, we need to quickly and significantly increase the amount of energy that is generated, stored, and distributed via sustainable sources like solar guard any future price rises

Process: for installing Solar Panels

Once you have made the decision to explore the options for generating your own clean power, where do you start and what is the process?

  1. Information: The initial stage of any journey can frequently be crucial, and the creation of a solar PV array is no exception.
  2. Maximum savings with a solar battery to harness the energy
  3. Lower carbon emissions
  4. Charge your electric car for free
  5. No running costs and low maintenance and long lasting. Panels guaranteed for 20 years+
  6. Solar technology more efficient than ever
  7. Cheaper than ever to install

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We have an experienced team that supply and fit systems that are built to the highest standards and meet all the quality standards… All our Solar PV systems have a 20 year guarantee. We can install PV panels as well as look alike roof panel s that are totally in keeping with your current roof structure and appearance. Is your roof suitable for solar panels? Not all are depending on the available space and which direction the roof faces. We can advise and recommend the best available options to you. We can supply a proposal for your solar system within a few days to find what the cost is and demonstrate your savings. Please contact us for a free quotation.

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