Eco-Ess Commercial Battery

Eco-ESS - GSE Series 50-500KW

GSE series PCS is a centralized three-phase energy storage bidirectional converter specially designed for large-scale energy storage system. And isolated transformer can be integrated on the output side of the PCS if necessary. It can be used for peak shaving, frequency regulation and smooth the output of PV power plant. It has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency and low cost.


Battery Access Management

  • Wide DC voltage operation range, flexible for battery configuration.
  • Constant power charging and discharging control in on-grid operation mode.
  • Charging of constant voltage with limited current in on-grid operation mode.

Safe and Reliable

  • Effective forced air cooling, 1.1 overload capacity.
  • Supporting AC side short-circuit operation mode.
  • Off-Grid independent operation, V/F control in off-grid operation.

Grid Friendly

  • Advanced active and passive combined islanding detection technology.
  • Adjusting the active and reactive power following dispatch older in on-grid mode.
  • Stabilizing load voltage and frequency in off - grid mode.

Easy I&M

  • Modular design and components front accessible, easy for maintenance.
  • High reliability power module design of main power loop.
  • Optional for ATS function bypass module.

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Eco-Ess Kstar

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