EV Chargers

We offer EV charge points from two of the UK’s leading manufacturers, SolarEdge & Zappi.

REC Solar Panels

Next Generation Solar EV Charging

Many more people now own an electric car in the UK and we want to make it simple for you to charge at home. Our home chargers are designed to look great whilst making it easy to securely charge your electric vehicle conveniently at home.

We'll manage it all for you helping you to save valuable time and money. Plus, we also our app allows you to monitor your usage and so much more meaning you stay in control at all times.

As well as installing your intelligent home electric car charger, there is also a network of many thousand EV charging stations across the UK and Europe.

NGRE are OLEV (Office Low Emission Vehicles) approved to install charging points at your home.

Givenergy Cloud


World’s First 2-in-1 EV Charger and Solar Inverter: SolarEdge’s EV charging single phase inverter enables homeowners to charge their electric vehicles directly from the power of the sun, maximizing their solar usage and further reducing their electricity bills. They will also benefit from the ability to charge EVs up to 2.5 times faster than a standard EV charger through an innovative solar boost mode that utilizes grid and PV charging simultaneously.



Zappi is a smart EV charger with a difference. Not only does it operate as a standard EV charger, but it also has optional charging modes to utilise 100% green energy generated from your Solar PV or wind generation. Increasing the Return On Investment (ROI) for your panels and electric car, the zappi is easy to install and user friendly. But don’t worry, if you don’t have solar panels installed, the zappi will still operate as a standard home EV charger harnessing power from the grid.


The Benefits of a Home CV Charger

  1. Intelligent charging whilst you sleep
    Wi-Fi connectivity means there's no extra cables making a mess plus the LEDs on the charger light up when you approach showing the status of your charge from empty to full.
  2. Protect your investment with in house installation & manufacturers warranty
    Giving you peace of mind knowing that your home or business is in the very best hands.
  3. Cheaper
    After covering the cost of installation, electric bill charging costs will be cheaper compared to payments in public charging stations. It also provides real-time data of used energy for tax benefits claims. There are also smart solar charging stations that utilize excess solar power when scheduled.
  4. Faster
    An effectively installed home car charger can charge the battery in full anywhere between 45 minutes to 7 hours. Much quicker than charging in public stations. Yes, there are rapid charging points, but those aren’t cheap.
  5. Convenience
    Having a electric car charger gives control of when to charge. There is no need to rely on public charging stations. This ends the countless days and wasted hours in lining up and waiting for the EV to be charged. Just plug in the EV to the charger and focus on the things to be done. With enough charge for daily consumption, long voyages are the only time that an EV needs to visit a public charging station.
  6. Property Value
    An EV charger is a plus in the appraisal value of a house. It makes the house future proof especially with the increase of awareness towards the sustainability of owning an EV. As more and more people are into electric vehicles, buyers who have an EV surely prefer houses that have an EV charger unit ready.
  7. Compatibility
    Most home EV chargers are compatible with a wide array of EV car manufacturers. This is good just in case another EV from a different manufacturer comes. There is no need to separately line up twice or thrice to a brand-specific public charging station. Instead, both of these cars can take turns charging at home.

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