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Givenergy Commercial Batteries

Like most businesses, you likely have two primary energy objectives: reducing your volatile energy bills, and reducing your carbon emissions. Do both with our commercial battery storage systems.

Power conversion system (PCS)

The bi-directional PCS converts the electrical energy between the battery system and the grid and/or load. And with the GivEnergy PCS, you're dealing with truly best-in-class technology.

The GivEnergy PCS comes in: 30kW, 50kW, 100kW, 150kW, 250kW, 500kW. Plus, all of othe systems can combine multiple units for larger capacities.

When you buy a commercial system you're also getting advanced data monitoring services. All data from the Power Conversion System (PCS), the battery packs, and metering are reported regularly to the GivEnergy cloud.

Tech specifications

  • Up to 5000W nominal AC output power
  • 320V - 460V AC voltage range
  • 300V - 850V DC voltage range
  • Operational temperature 30°C - 55°C
  • 5 year warranty.

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SME battery system

With GivEnergy technology, you can run your business using low-cost, low-carbon battery power.

The GivEnergy SME battery system will give you the power you need to cut your reliance on the grid and make massive energy bill savings. All via a neat, customised, highly secure solution. Up to 4 battery cabinet units can be installed together, offering your SME up to 256kWh of storage. Coupled with 30, 50 or 100kW PCS, the SME battery system can comfortably power your whole site. The built-in bus bar system allows batteries to simply slide into place - no additional DC or data connections needed. The GivEnergy batteries are built with the most superior cell technology available. They're cobalt-free, high-capacity, and offer maximum safety.

Tech specifications

  • 64 kWh battery cabinet
  • 7.68 kWh battery
  • 30-100 kW PCS
  • 80% depth of discharge
  • 0°C - 55°C operating range

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GivEnergy Commercial battery rack

GivEnergy large-scale commercial battery rack can comfortably meet your energy needs - keeping you running at less cost, with less carbon emissions, and with less reliance on the grid. Your rack will comprise a bespoke number of high-voltage GivEnergy battery packs. Modular design allows us to combine as many battery packs as you need to hit your desired capacity. Your batteries work alongside the GivEnergy PCS which manages energy conversion and grid syncing. Each battery rack contains 200kWh of batteries. With a DC cabinet, 3 units are installed together - offering a massive 600Wh of storage. On install, the battery packs simply slide into place. Then, post-install, accessible power and data connection make for easy maintenance. Couple your custom-sized battery rack with a compatibly sized GivEnergy PCS, up to a maximum rating of 0.8c. (I.e., 600kWh - 500KW or 2.4MWH - 2MW.) It's simple to add more capacity in future if your energy needs change. We can expand in 600kWh increments either side of your rack.

Tech specifications

  • 200 kWh battery rack
  • 10.8 kWh battery
  • High voltage box
  • 80% depth of discharge
  • 0°C - 55°C operating range

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Battery storage container

Compact, mobile, convenient, and fully customised to your power needs. With a GivEnergy battery storage container, you can house your critical battery assets securely.

We can neatly package your large-scale commercial battery storage system in a custom-built container - giving you unparalleled flexibility on its location. Need your container in a remote or off-grid location? Prefer it in a purpose-built plant room, or an existing space? Either way, we'll work with you to deploy the ideal system.

Your containerised system comes to you with all the necessary systems included, Class 0 fire rated, and fully insulated and lined. So, you can enjoy the most efficient operation from the off. Containerised solutions range from 30 - 500kW power and 200 - 2800kWh capacity, within 10 - 45ft containers. For even larger storage capacity, multiple containers can be combined and stacked.

We'll work with you to ensure that regulations, cooling requirements, and access are considered in your system design. We'll also install, test, and commission the system as part of the process.

Tech specifications

  • 30 - 500kW power
  • 200 - 2800kWh capacity
  • 10 - 45ft container
  • -10°C - 50°C operating range

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