Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial Solar Energy

Installation Steps

Upon choosing to investigate generating your own clean power, NGRE take you through the required steps and the process to follow? We aim to reduce development risk and provide a thorough evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the project at each stage.


The initial stage of any journey can frequently be crucial, and the creation of a solar PV array is no exception.

Provide us with your latest electricity bill, and details of the building(s)/land. We will assess this information to calculate the best system size based on your desire to be environmentally friendly.

Initial Proposal

Once we have established the appropriate solar system size, we will create a preliminary proposal.

Our initial proposal consists of 80% financial aspects and 20% technological aspects, and will encompass:

  • System dimensions and layout Output Solar power utilisation
  • Capital expenditure and financing alternatives
  • Financial reserves
  • Operating expenses
  • ROI
  • Carbon emission reduction statistics

Currently, the information we have about your site is based on the data we have gathered and Google Maps. A preliminary proposal provides enough detail for us to assess why a solar array may not be suitable for your business before investing significant time and resources into a project that may not advance beyond the initial stages in the near future.

Full Technical Survey

Once the initial plan is deemed satisfactory, the next stage involves thoroughly evaluating the suggested site. Our technical survey typically lasts a morning and requires 6 team members with diverse skillsets to visit the site to measure and analyse numerous variables.

Our technical survey includes:

  • G99 application
  • Autonomous structural evaluation
  • Roof inspection
  • Assessment of scaffolding and access
  • Assessment of electrical integration
  • Health and safety assessment

We aim to collect all necessary information during this visit, but more visits may be needed, typically by one team member, if the project is highly intricate or if the scope changes based on our findings.

Formal Proposal

If the survey results are beneficial, we will provide you with a formal proposal.

This proposal will be an expanded version of the preliminary one, providing more comprehensive information on project delivery.

We will confirm the system design, output, scaffold, and access arrangements. We will confirm the project's delivery timeline, the potential level of interruption, and any necessary power outages.

Planning Permission/ Permitted Development

After agreeing to proceed with your project and signing our supply contract, we will prepare, submit, and advance either a Permitted Development application or a full planning application.

A solar array is eligible for Permitted Development if -

  • The total installed capacity is less than 1 megawatt.
  • The panels are now positioned more than 200mm away from the roof's surface.
  • There is a one-meter barrier between the outer panels and the roof.
  • When installed on the ground, the array occupies an area of less than 9 square metres.

If your solar arrays do not meet all of these standards, a complete planning application will be necessary.

Project Delivery

Once we obtain the necessary approvals, we proceed to the delivery step. We collaborate closely with your staff to minimise any disruptions while familiarising ourselves with the specific regulations of the location.

During the construction process, we may utilise your drone to collect progress footage for the post-completion drone film.

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