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Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. (referred to as "JinkoSolar," stock code: 688223) is a globally renowned and highly innovative solar technology company. Embracing the mission of "changing the energy portfolio and taking responsibility for enabling a sustainable future," the company strategically positions itself in the core segments of the photovoltaic industry chain. It focuses on integrated research, development, and manufacturing of photovoltaic products, as well as providing comprehensive clean energy solutions, leading in sales in the global mainstream photovoltaic market.

Jinko Tiger Neo 435Wp TOPCon N-Type 54cell All Black Monocrystalline

The Jinko Tiger Neo 435Wp TOPCon N-Type 54cell All Black Monocrystalline is a high-performance solar panel with brilliant features that make it the perfect choice for your energy needs. They are known for having leading efficiency and performance, ensuring that you get the most out of every watt of solar energy generated.

These panels also perform exceptionally well even in low light conditions, making it ideal for use in areas with limited sunlight or during colder, cloudier months. With its easy installation process and durable construction, you can trust this solar panel to deliver reliable power for years to come.

Product Features

  • Durability - Specially designed to withstand the harsh weather and climates.
  • Easy installation - Standardised drill holes to allow for an easy and quick install.
  • Impressive power output - This ensures you are maximising the energy you make and can use it throughout your home.
  • High efficiency - There is a superior manufacturing process which helps you maximise your energy production and enjoy a faster re-payment on your investment.

Tiger Neo 435Wp TOPCon N-Type 54cell All Black Monocrystalline

  • Part No: JKM435N-54HL4R-B Panels - Monocrystallines
  • Rating: 435W
  • Efficiency: 21.8%
  • Width: 1,134mm
  • Height: 1,762mm
  • Price per Watt: (16.0p/Wp)

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