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Home of the complete end to end business energy storage solution 125 Kwh – 1.25 Mwh

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Commercial Solar Energy

About GivEnergy Systems

Our goal has always been to develop a solution that ensures individuals save money on their electricity bills. We can guarantee that the GivEnergy system will deliver precisely what we claim, whether it's through maximising our customers' solar panels or charging their batteries using the off-peak pricing.

Solar is beneficial to the environment, but when combined with voltage optimizations, you can get the most out of your PV system. When combined with our AWARD WINNING Energy Storage Systems, you may profit from all the excess energy generated throughout the day in the evening.

Givenergy Monitoring Portal

GivEnergy Monitoring Portal – Home Systems

Once your system is fitted, you can monitor your energy via the GivEnergy Monitoring Portal:

  1. Complete monitoring of all energy modes – Import, Export, Generation & Consumption.
  2. Web portal or app for easy access anywhere, anytime.
  3. Real time monitoring and data with integrated smart meter.
  4. Monitor your solar PV generation.
  5. Monitor the battery , including State of Charge (SoC) and throughput.
  6. Remote control access for Time of Use (ToU) settings.
  7. Remote updates
  8. Remote access for easy installer service monitoring.
Commercial Storage

Enterprise Energy Storage System – Commercial

Home of the complete end to end business energy storage solution 125Kwh – 1.25Mwh:

  1. 9.6Kwh packs based on 61.5Ah cells
  2. Modular plug and play packs
  3. 3 Phase 400V installation
  4. LiFePO4 battery cell technology
  5. Can be charged from surplus renewable energy or direct from the grid
  6. Built in multi layer BMS for precise cell monitoring and balancing
  7. Integrated EMS allows multiple monitoring points
  8. Modular packs and modular racks for desired capacity
  9. Full monitoring and control through the GivEnergy Cloud

Power at your fingertips

All of our Solar Systems come with an easy-to-use APP that enables you to check at a glance your current & past usage

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We have an experienced team that supply and fit systems that are built to the highest standards and meet all the quality standards.

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