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Bisol - The biggest real EU Panel manufacturer

A complete range of solar solutions and services from BISOL can already be found in more than 100 countries worldwide. With 750 MW of yearly production capacity, BISOL is the biggest real EU manufacturer according to material and equipment suppliers. Together with the Slovenian headquarters, we run our international operation from representative offices in Belgium, France, Italy, Dubai and the United Kingdom.

A trustworthy brand

With its commitment to the premium quality of the solar solution, BISOL Group received the prestigious Top Brand Award for its solar modules on five European markets: Belgium (third time in a row), France (third time in a row), Austria (second time in a row), Italy (again after 2020) and Slovenia (second time in a row).

A trustworthy brand
Why choose BISOL Panels

Why choose BISOL Panels

The GivEnergy Hybrid Inverter is a battery inverter and solar inverter in one unit.

  • BISOL solar modules are both designed and manufactured in Europe to substantially reduce the time from order to installation, and enable a considerably higher quality control in production together with a personal customer support.
  • BISOL modules have a record low claim rate at just 0.01%, which is 10-times lower compared to the automotive industry. In almost two decades of operation of BISOL, there was not a single case of complaint due to moisture intrusion and module delamination.
  • BISOL is the only solar brand in the world offering a product with 25 years of 100% Output Power Guarantee.
  • BISOL’s world-unique practice of sorting modules by power output, voltage, and current eliminates 70% of the PV module mismatch losses and improves power plant performance.
  • Since the energy consumption for the manufacturing process is supplied by CO2-neutral sources based on solar and nuclear energy the carbon footprint per BISOL solar module is zero.

BISOL Supreme™

When compared to the best-in-class solar panels with the linear output power guarantee currently available on the market, BISOL Supreme™ shows off with at least an 11% higher energy yield in the guarantee period. Together with 0% effective degradation and exceptional efficiency, the series also sets global trends in the field of complete traceability of the production process of every individual product.

  • 100% Output Power Guarantee
  • 0% Effective Degradation Rate
  • 11% More Energy
BISOL Supreme
100% Traceability for Supreme Quality

100% Traceability for Supreme™ Quality

To better understand why your solar module is able to offer 25 years of 100% Output Power Guarantee, BISOL Supreme™ offers completemodule traceability. By simply scanning a QR code, you will be able to find features like datasheet, serial number, customer order details, the material used, EL and visual images of each module, personnel responsible for quality check and all other important information.

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