Early PV Adopters to Benefit from next “Big Thing” in Battery Energy Storage Systems

June 17, 2024 by Greg Bishop

NGRE Offers 30-day Free Trial

More good news for those looking to retrofit battery storage to their existing solar systems this month, as NGRE partners with EcoFlow to bring a revolutionary new product to customers.

NGRE was thrilled to see the Government’s decision to cut VAT on retrofit battery energy storage systems (BESS) to 0% earlier this year.

But now, those wanting to add home storage to complete their solar renewable energy solution will be able to benefit from EcoFlow’s unique and new-to-the-UK “PV-Coupled” system. 

The new technology provides significant advantages over standard AC-Couped or DC-Coupled retrofit options, making the process of integration with exiting solar PV systems hassle-free and without requiring the significant modifications used by those methods. 

Greg Bishop, Managing Director of NGRE, said: “We’ve never done this before, but we are so impressed with this product and EcoFlow’s credentials that we’re offering our customers a 30-day Free Home Trial.

“We’re offering customers the chance to try the EcoFlow 10kWh PowerOcean DC Fit solar battery storage system bundle for 30 days and if you don’t like it, we’ll take it out.”

The System – No Replacement of Equipment – Hassle-free

EcoFlow’s PowerOcean DC Fit is a unique retrofit battery storage solution featuring EcoFlow’s “PV-Coupled” technology.

The system enables direct connection of the battery to the solar system on the PV side, maximizing the efficiency of the user’s existing solar system but eliminating the need for an additional storage inverter or the replacement of an existing solar inverter – the system being compatible with most on the market.

Greg said: “Fifteen to twenty years ago home storage was not a thing and so up until now, those early adopters of solar panels wanting to add a solar battery have had to either replace their solar inverter with a hybrid inverter or add a storage inverter with the associated additional wiring.

“With how this new system is configured, there’s no need to replace any equipment. It’s much more efficient and hassle-free for us and the customer.”

The system’s battery packs are a modular, wireless, stack-up design allowing additional units to simply click-on as and when needed. Each battery module has a 5kWh capacity with the system allowing another two to be added for a maximum of 15kWh.

In addition, each battery has its own integrated Battery Management System (BMS) module preventing one battery’s issues from affecting other packs.

The system requires no change to AC wiring, reducing installation time and disruption, requires no Distribution Network Operator (DNO) application, again saving time and hassle, and also features a heating module, ensuring optimum operation in cold spaces and built-in fire suppression.

A Big Thing for the Retrofit Energy Storage Market

Greg said: “This is a fantastic new product for the retrofit market in the UK and especially for the early adopters of solar panels, offering them a hassle-free home storage solution.

“We think this is a big thing for those early adopters who are keen to invest in new green technology to reduce their carbon footprint and bills even further than they already have.

“Solar panel owners reduce their energy spend by about 25% with a standalone solar system, which can be increased to as much as 60, 70 or even 80% with the addition of a battery.”

He added: “EcoFlow’s system also doesn’t affect the feed-in tariff, there’s no DNO application and it comes with a 15-year warrantee – in my experience, that’s a lot for a battery.”

Massive 15-year Warrantee

The PowerOcean DC Fit comes with a massive 15-year warrantee compared with many other systems having a 10-year warrantee.

Michael O’Leary, EcoFlow’s UK Business Development Manager (Residential), said: “We have tested these systems extensively around the world and in the UK and are very confident with the product and so happy to provide the 15-year warrantee.”

Built-in Fire Suppression and Heating Modules

The built-in fire prevention module initiates an alarm and activates fire suppression if it detects a battery temperature over 170°C.

An auto-heating module automatically activates during cold weather conditions to ensure the battery functions below -20°C.

Greg said: “The cold effects the performance of lithium batteries, making them less efficient and so this “electric blanket” is important if the batteries are sited outside or in a cold space to ensure they operate at their maximum potential.”

Monitoring – EcoFlow App and Web Portal

Users can view real-time and historical energy data via the EcoFlow App or web portal. As well as battery storage information, users can look at power generation, home usage, grid import and export, energy bill savings, and self-sufficiency data, all to help better manage their home energy.

Greg said: “Those with early solar PV systems didn’t have monitoring capability and so this is also a massive benefit to them.”

AC Coupled and DC Coupled

Before the introduction of EcoFlow’s PowerOcean DC Fit to the UK this year, those already in the possession of a solar system had two options, known as AC-Coupled and DC-Coupled.

In a DC-Coupled system, the battery connects to the DC side of a system, with DC electricity from solar panels stored in the battery before it has been converted into AC electricity.

Retrofitting a PV system in this way requires the replacement of the solar inverter with a hybrid inverter.

In an AC-Coupled system the battery is connected to a home’s fuseboard. DC electricity generated by the solar panels is converted into AC electricity by the solar inverter and sent to the fuseboard. This AC electricity can then be used to power the home, exported to the grid or stored in the battery.

However, because the battery uses DC electricity, the system also needs an additional storage or battery inverter installed.

Greg said: “We think there will be a lot of interest in this new system with the significant benefits it provides over AC-Coupled and DC-Coupled systems.”

EcoFlow – Leading Energy Solutions Company

EcoFlow is a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company. Today, with operational headquarters located in the USA, Germany, and Japan, EcoFlow has empowered more than 2.5 million users in over 100 markets worldwide.

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