Massive Vote from MPs in Favour of Mandatory Solar Panels for New Builds

March 27, 2024 by Greg Bishop

NGRE is optimistic the Government will make the right decision on crucial upcoming house building legislation following a survey of MPs in which a massive 8 in 10 said they support making solar panels mandatory for all new-build homes.

The survey conducted by YouGov on behalf the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) Foundation, showed 79% of MPs supported the move, with 61% also in favour of the inclusion of battery energy storage systems (BESS) in all new-build schemes.

Solar PV systems allow homeowners to generate their own free, green electricity helping them reduce their energy spend while the addition of a battery storage system can substantially increase this saving. 

The poll findings come as a Government consultation, The Future Homes and Buildings Standards: 2023 consultation, comes to an end.

The results will help the Government to form new Building Standards for homes built from 2025, including those for energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reduction.

Whether or not to add solar panels to the regulations is one specific area that is being considered.

Government figures published in the consultation indicate that the introduction of PV panels to new builds with the addition of other efficiency moves would save homeowners between £910 and £2,210 per year while only adding 4% to the building cost.

Greg Bishop, Managing Director of NGRE, said: “This is a crucial moment for renewable energy in the UK with the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and household bills at one stroke.

“There is clearly a great deal of support from our elected representatives and this will hopefully show the Government the way ahead.”

He added: “Homeowners generating their own, clean, green energy is the future and to mandate it on new homes, which is the most efficient time to install the technology, will help us arrive at that future sooner, reducing bills, providing greater energy security and helping our progress to Net Zero.”

The YouGov survey of behalf of the MCS Foundation was conducted in January 2024 from a sample size of 107 MPs. 79% of all surveyed MPs, including 73% of Conservatives and 83% of Labour MPs, believe solar panels should be incorporated into all new-builds by 2025. 61% of surveyed MPs, including 47% of Conservatives and 77% of Labour, agree that battery storage systems should be incorporated into new-builds by 2025.


Government intervention in the renewable energy sector has increased in recent months with battery storage systems joining solar panels as zero-rated for VAT.

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