“Some Grid Suppliers Are Big Rip-off Artists – It’s Best Insulating Yourself as Much as You Can”

December 01, 2023 by Greg Bishop

A company has had its commercial energy spend slashed and its grid dependency reduced after their forward-thinking landlord invested in a new solar PV system installed by NGRE.

Retired engineer and businessman, Angus Fleming, saw the addition of a new 180-panel PV system to his commercial premise as a great investment opportunity but also as a means to reduce the energy costs of his tenants and insulate them from future energy price volatility.

Large Fluctuations in Energy Costs

Energy prices have seen large fluctuations over the last two years with businesses being hit particularly hard because they cannot depend on a price cap that only protects domestic users.

Mr Fleming’s tenant, Airborne UK, an engineering, design and manufacturing company specialising in composite materials, uses equipment and processes that are particularly energy hungry meaning energy price rises can have a significant effect on the business.

As part of their tenancy agreement, the company top up their electricity usage from the PV array provided by Mr Fleming at very advantageous prices – certainly less than the price they pay from the grid provider, with those prices being dependant  on market forces and the whim of the providers. So everybody benefits.

Energy Discount

Mr Fleming, who sold his company, Aviation Enterprises Ltd, to Airborne International in 2015, but still owns the factory near Hungerford, said: “With these systems, I can give a discount to my tenant, saving them money and it’s a good investment for myself with a reasonable payback.

“Some grid suppliers are big rip-off artists – it’s best insulating yourselves as much as you can.”

He added: “I also believe in this technology. It helps use less carbon dioxide.”

Take Back Control – Insulated Against Price Rises

Greg Bishop, Managing Director of NGRE, said: “Energy price is a variable that businesses cannot control. They are at the mercy of outside factors.

“However, if a business decides to make the investment in a commercial renewable energy system, it is able to take back control, secure in the knowledge that it can generate its own free electricity using green technology and is insulated against prices rises.”

He added: “Mr Fleming has decided to make that investment and he and his tenants will reap the rewards, with a more secure, and predictable energy source for decades.” 

The Solar PV System

The new system comprises, 180 Jinko, 420w monocrystalline panels with optimisers, installed on the South-west roof of the premise, proving a total peak power of 75.6kWp and providing an estimated 67,133kWh annually. The panel array is connected to a 66.6kW SolarEdge inverter. It is estimated that the system will offset 35,110kg of carbon dioxide per year.

Mr Fleming said: “In combination with the first system, they will provide 50% of the power the company uses.”

Battery Storage and Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The addition of an energy storage system to a PV system can significantly increase a user’s energy saving and Mr Fleming has not ruled out investment in this technology in the future.

Mr Fleming said: “We’ve taken the decision to put batteries aside just for now. We want to see the results with the system as it is first.

“I suspect battery prices will plummet just like panels.”

In the meantime, Mr Fleming is looking to secure a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) deal to get the best price he can for any unused energy that the system exports to the grid.


Mr Fleming will be able to monitor the system easily through an online portal or via the mySolarEdge mobile app. Users are able to track energy generation and energy usage either in real-time or historically using easy-to-follow charts ensuring they use the energy produced as efficiently as possible. For example, users can compare consumption with production to see where, when, and how much of their free energy is being consumed and how much is being exported to the grid, allowing them to change to more efficient usage patterns.

Mr Fleming will be able to use these figures to help decide how beneficial an energy storage system would be in the future.

Commercial Scale Solar Installations

A recent report from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), a non-profit organisation that supports informed debate on energy and climate change issues in the UK, found that there is a capacity potential of 15GW on the roofs of commercial properties, such as warehouses.

Greg said: “NGRE is excited by the huge potential of solar PV system on the roofs of businesses across the UK and are keen to help more businesses, reduce their carbon footprint and meet Net Zero targets, reduce their commercial energy spend and reduce their dependency on the grid and the ruthless energy supply sector.

“Prices of solar panels and battery storage equipment continue to fall while energy prices rise so return on investment calculations look better every day.”

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