NGRE to Help More Businesses Go Green with New Website Launch

August 07, 2022 by Greg Bishop

Greg Bishop – owner of Next Generation Renewable Energy

NGRE will strive to help more businesses cut their carbon footprint and costs with its offering of commercial renewable energy solutions, following the launch of a new website.

Promising an improved and dynamic customer experience, the new website features a raft of interesting and informative videos, animations, and pictures, as well as easy-to-follow explanations of the renewable energy solutions offered by NGRE.

It showcases the company’s proud 5-star Google and Trustpilot reviews and provides enhanced customer engagement through a streamlined contact process and chat facility.

Helping Businesses Move to Green Technology

It has been developed with the ambition to introduce more businesses to the benefits of green technology and commercial renewable energy solutions following its successes in the domestic market.

The Oxfordshire-based renewable energy experts supply and install solar photovoltaic (PV) solutions, battery storage solutions and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for businesses and homeowners.

Proud of Success

Greg Bishop, Managing Director, of NGRE, said: “We’re very proud of the success we’ve enjoyed over the last few years in the domestic market and we want to kick-on.

“Our aim with the new website is to build on that success and to provide support for an increasing number of businesses large and small that want to become more sustainable and enable them to reap the benefits of commercial renewable energy solutions.

“The website now features a lot more information geared towards businesses and spells out the benefits such systems can bring them.”

Commercial Energy Spend and Net Zero

Greg added: “Businesses are seeing their commercial energy spend rise astronomically but they can save an awful lot of money by generating their own free electricity.

“A commercial scale solar installation will go a long way to insulating businesses from future price hikes and also help them towards Net Zero targets.”

An NGRE Commercial Solar Panel Installation
An NGRE Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial Solar Installers and Suppliers

One such company that NGRE helped is Oxfordshire Horticultural business, Nicholsons, which invested in a commercial solar solution.

NGRE installed a 151-panel, 53.6kWp system on the roof of one of the company’s barns.

Added to their existing system, it is estimated to supply 60% – 70% of their energy needs and is expected to pay for itself in 8 to 10 years.

It is estimated to generate 48,669kWh of electricity per year and save 25,453kg of carbon.

What are the Benefits of Commercial Solar Solutions to Businesses?

Slash Commercial Energy Spend

Investing in a commercial scale solar installation will help businesses slash their commercial energy spend, massively reducing or even eliminating electricity bills.

Good Return on Investment

Despite the initial capital cost, companies find that the return on investment can be surprisingly short.

ROI is likely to be reduced even further with expected and continued sharp electricity price rises factored in.

Get Paid for Energy you Don’t Use

Businesses can also benefit from the energy they don’t use. Surplus can be exported back to the grid which they’ll get paid for.

Reduced Exposure to Volatile Energy Prices

Producing their own electricity can help businesses take control of their electricity, reducing exposure to volatile energy markets.

Commercial Solar PV will provide companies with long-term security against price-rise pain.

Round-the-Clock Power with Commercial Battery Storage Solutions

Add a battery storage solution and a business can access free electricity, even at night, increasing self-consumption and cutting bills even more, further reducing grid reliance.

Reduced Carbon Footprint – Clean and Green

Moving to a renewable energy source will help a business reduce carbon emissions, thus helping it reduce its carbon footprint and meet Net Zero targets.

A commercial solar array could easily reduce greenhouse gases by 25,000kg per year.

Positive Image

The move to renewable energy is a great story for the company and projects a positive image to customers.

Low Maintenance – Made to Last

After the initial set-up cost, there is very little maintenance on a commercial solar system, and so very little on-going cost.

An occasional clean will keep them working at their most efficient, while no working parts means no wear and tear, allowing companies to offer warranties of 20 years.

NGRE Commercial Solutions

If you’re interested in a commercial solar solution, commercial battery storage solution, or commercial EV charging solution from an MCS, NICEIC and GivEnergy Approved installer, fill out our contact form and one of our experienced team will be in touch.

NGRE specialise in the supply and installation of the latest renewable solutions for businesses, homeowners, architects, and builders in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas and have more than 10 years’ experience.