Commercial Solar Installation will slash Business’ Grid Dependency as Energy Prices spiral out of Control

September 29, 2022 by Greg Bishop

NGRE has completed the installation of a large commercial solar installation that will help a business slash their grid dependency just as electricity prices are set to soar yet again.

Experts in commercial solar solutions and battery storage solutions, NGRE, installed the 768-panel, 303 kWp system, as part of the redevelopment of a company’s regional headquarters in Swindon.

Commercial Solar Installation 2022-09

The solar array is among NGRE’s largest installations to date covering more than 1,400 m2 and will produce more than 303,000 kWh per year, making a significant contribution to the building’s annual electricity needs.

It will also help the company save more than 142,000 kg of carbon dioxide per year, important for businesses looking to improve their green credentials.

The installation will come just as analysts predict further huge energy price rises leading many businesses facing bankruptcy.

Large Commercial Scale Solar Installation – On-time and On-Budget

Managing director of NGRE, Greg Bishop, said: “NGRE are thrilled to have helped realise this significant investment in renewable energy technology.

“With such a large project – the client asked us to cover the roof with as many panels as possible – there are obviously obstacles to overcome, and we are pleased to have risen to the challenge and delivered on time and on budget.”

Well-timed – Energy Costs Spiralling out of Control

He added: “This project is particularly well-timed as energy costs are spiralling out of control and businesses cannot obviously depend on a price cap that only protects domestic users.

“Companies are going to have to pass the cost on to customers. If they can’t, they will go into liquidation.”

Slash Grid Dependency with Commercial Scale Solar Installation

Greg said: “Businesses are calling on the Government to offer support through cuts in VAT and a commercial energy price cap, but they can also take control of their energy prices themselves and cut their grid dependency with a commercial renewable energy solution.”

Challenges Met – Supply Chain

Greg said: “There were a number of challenges, which is to be expected with commercial scale solar installations. Foremost was getting the stock and getting it to the site on time. Demand has never been higher for PV solar technology, driven by these unprecedented energy prices, but the supply chain is not keeping up.

“Our long and excellent relationships with our suppliers meant we were able to successfully source all the equipment needed.”

Reduced Weight

Greg said: “A structural survey was completed by a previous contractor and the weight of the panels was on the limit. We were able to source a much lighter panel, 1kg per panel lighter, and this meant that weight ceased to be an issue.”

Working to Deadlines

Greg said: “Our client had a date they wanted to be in the premise and despite the difficulties in the distribution network, the application to the distribution network operator taking 16 weeks rather than the usual 10 weeks, and the size of the project, I am proud that we managed to work together and get the job done.”

Working with Other Contractors

NGRE worked along-side a multitude of different contractors during the installation phase as the buildings were being completely redeveloped.

Greg said: “We had to ensure we integrated with other workers on site. For example, they wanted to recoat the roof with a new coating and so we had to work around them as it was applied.”

Future Battery Storage Installation

Greg said: “The company is already looking at how to improve their system, to reduce their commercial energy spend and their carbon footprint even further. They’re looking at a commercial battery storage system to complement their commercial solar system.

“During the weekend they will not be using all the electricity they produce, but with a commercial battery storage solution, they will be able to store that energy for use at other times, increasing their self-sufficiency even more and further boosting their green credentials.”


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Commercial Solar Installation 2022-09

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