Environment Top Priority for Homeowner with New Solar PV

November 03, 2020 by Greg Bishop

For NGRE customer Martin Hull, the environmental benefits of his new solar PV system with battery storage, were the most important factor.

Martin, from Kennington, Oxford, said: “I’ve always had an interest in renewable energy and for me, although the cost savings are important, the environmental factor always comes first.

“In fact, I’d consider doing some things even without the potential cost savings, purely from an environmental perspective.”

Environmental Benefits of Solar PV with Battery Storage

Martin’s 16-panel, 5.4 kWp solar system fitted recently by NGRE, is estimated to generate 3,800kWh of free, green energy every year – more than his total annual electricity consumption. This saves as much CO2 emission as is produced in driving a petrol car for 6,500 miles. By adding a battery to the installation, he is also able to use far more of this free electricity in his home – using what he generates during the day to power his home in the evening and morning. In addition to this, by partnering with Social Energy, he can use his battery to do clever stuff like receive cheap excess power from the Grid when there’s a glut, or sell energy to the Grid at a higher price when national demand exceeds supply.

Battery Storage and Social Energy Hub

Martin’s system is managed by Social Energy’s AI-powered Hub, providing ground-breaking smart technology. It allows Social Energy customers with PV systems and battery storage, to operate collectively in a smart energy network – which is constantly adjusting to, and capitalising on changing supply and demand within the Grid. When Martin has too much energy, he can sell the excess at the best price. When he needs more energy, the system can automatically draw on 100% clean energy provided by the network and Social Energy. His battery buys him time – allowing him to avoid buying the most expensive electricity or selling his solar PV generated energy at the lowest price.

Martin said: “I had dismissed the idea of battery storage because I thought it was prohibitively expensive. But when I learnt about all the different benefits of using a battery – not just storing my own solar energy but also trading and grid-balancing – then I was convinced. I am very happy with the battery’s performance, and really glad that I was offered the battery as part of my solar installation.”

Fuel Security

Martin added: “My motivation for installing solar PV is not only prompted by environmental concerns or long-term cost saving. I am also concerned about fuel security. I think it’s unhealthy for my country to be dependent upon imported gas and oil – which leaves us too vulnerable to the countries which produce these resources. I suspect that these international fuel dependencies will only create more tension in future.”

Cost Savings

Solar PV installation is not cheap, but the 3,800kWh of electricity generated in an average year by Martin’s PV system, in combination with the benefits brought by his battery and connection to the Social Energy Hub, allow him to reduce his dependence upon purchased electricity by more than half, and buy that electricity at more competitive rates. Because of this, he can gradually off-set his installation costs, and even though he received no grant funding to install his array, and no Government subsidies for the electricity he exports, he will more than cover his costs. In fact, over the lifetime of the solar panels he is expected to turn a profit of £15,000 on top of full cost recovery.


Martin said: “Someone recently described the renewables sector as the ‘Wild West’ and I dismissed their critique because I had been using renewables technologies for the past ten years. But after seeking a few quotes from renewables companies this year I was inclined to agree with them after all. There seemed to be quite basic questions which were not returning clear answers – such as “How many panels am I allowed to install?” or “Can you install solar panels on a dormer roof?” or “Who is responsible if my roof begins to leak?” or “Is a battery a good idea?” Hence it was reassuring to finally meet Greg, the director of NGRE, and know that I was not speaking to a salesman but to someone who knew exactly what he was talking about from personal experience. His combination of professional experience and willingness to engage with new innovations was what persuaded me to get NGRE to install my solar PV array.”

Doing the Right Thing

Greg Bishop, Managing Director of NGRE, said: “We usually see a mix of motivations for choosing solar PV and while cost savings is obviously important, some people just want to do the right thing.

“The way I think about it is, in 20 or 30 years, when your children ask you, “What did you do, when you had the chance”, you want to able to tell them that you did the right thing. PV and battery storage will certainly help you with the answer.”

Increased Savings with Social Energy

Energy Trading

Social Energy automatically buys cheap or free energy, and then using its network of smart hubs, stores it in customers’ batteries, selling it when it is most expensive and passing on the profits to the customers.

Grid Balancing

The system is the only domestic system in the UK that can be used by National Grid to “balance” electricity supply and demand, a service customers get paid for with credits to their bills.

Avoid Network Charges

The AI hub automatically ensures customers buy off-peak energy, avoiding paying peak network prices, normally built into electricity bills.

The Social Energy app allows customers to see their trades, up to 100,000 automated per year, track their savings and view their bills instantly. Social Energy estimate electricity bills could be slashed by up to 70%.

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