NGRE Install 2nd PV System for Solar Converts

October 04, 2021 by Greg Bishop

NGRE customers, Neil and Kiera Fairbairn, are so convinced with solar power that they have installed a 2nd solar PV system at their new home, after leaving their previous one behind, following a move.

The couple, from Bishopstone, near Aylesbury, benefitted from clean, green energy, as well as Feed-in Tariff (FIT) payments, from a 9-panel PV system installed by NGRE at their previous address 7 years ago.

The system was part of a raft of sustainable extras installed by the forward-thinking couple including grey water collection, solar thermal panels and enhanced insulation.

Mr and Mrs Fairbairn were so impressed with the PV system that they invited NGRE back to install a new 14-panel system at their new home following the move last year.

Real-life Experience

Greg Bishop, Managing Director of NGRE, said: “We’re really pleased that Mr and Mrs Fairbairn were so impressed with the first system, and the job that we did, that they wanted our help with another system on their new home.

“We often deal with cold, hard figures in this industry, so it’s really important to hear these real-life stories from people who have invested in PV systems, know what they are talking about from experience and are convinced by the technology and its benefits.”

Economic and Environmental Concerns

Mr and Mrs Fairbairn hope that the new system will help protect them from soaring energy prices and to do their bit environmentally.

Neil said: “I haven’t done the sums as to whether the previous system paid for itself, but as an example I remember one month in which our electricity bills were less than what we received.

“Our motivation is both economic and environmental, but I think, with electricity prices highly likely to go rocketing up in the next few months, it’s an important investment for us.”

NEW 14-Panel System

The Fairbairn’s new system comprises 14, 375w LG monocrystalline panels – 7 on their house roof and 7 on their garage roof – producing 5.75kWp, 4,809kWh per year and off-setting more than 2,500 kgs of CO2 per year.  The panel array is connected to a 3.68kW SolarEdge inverter with optimisers to maximise performance.

The couple are able to easily keep track of their energy generation in real-time through an online portal or via the mySolarEdge mobile app.

Impressed with New System

Comparing their previous system to the new one, Neil added: “The panels are now more efficient, and we’ve got more of them now. We are definitely impressed. I looked at the figures after 3 weeks and we’d already generated 300kWh.”

TThe Fairbairns will not now receive Feed-in Tariff payments, as the scheme is now closed to new installations (the FIT payments from their previous system will have been transferred to the new owners), but they will benefit from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme which allows homeowners a way to earn money back from the unused energy they export back to the grid.

They have now signed up with energy supplier, Octopus Energy, which guarantees them 5.5p per kWh for electricity they export.


Neil said: “We heard of NGRE through one of our previous neighbours. He installed his own solar system, but it wasn’t working very efficiently so he got Greg in to help, and he was very impressed.

“So, we used NGRE for the previous system and again for this one and we’ve had a great service.”

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