Social Energy Allows Energy Trading with the Big Boys

July 10, 2020 by Greg Bishop

Energy Trading – the buying and selling of bulk energy from where it is made to where it is needed – used to be the preserve of the big energy companies but now NGRE customers, with the help of official partner Social Energy, can reap the rewards.

Adam Bewsey, businessman and NGRE customer, is doing just that with energy savings of an estimated nearly £1,000 per year.

He said: “I’ve been looking into solar energy and battery storage for a couple of years but thought it was just a bit too expensive. But costs have come down a lot and so it just makes sense now.

“Social Energy and the ‘energy trading’ element particularly appealed to me, especially after the removal of the Feed in Tariff. It automatically buys and sells energy in the market for you at the best times to maximize savings.”

The System

Mr Bewsey invested in a 10-panel, 3,300 kWp solar system from NGRE, estimated to generate 2775 kWp annually. The panels are linked to a battery storage system developed by Social Energy, with their AI-powered Social Energy Hub, providing ground-breaking smart technology.

The system provides Mr Bewsey with the use of free, green energy, from the solar system, while the battery stores any excess for later use.

The Social Energy Hub, however, adds an extra dimension allowing Social Energy customers like Mr Bewsey, with PV systems and battery storage, to operate collectively in a smart energy network.

Energy Trading

Social Energy automatically buys cheap or free energy, and then using its network of smart hubs, stores it in customers’ batteries, selling it when it is most expensive and passing on the profits to the customers.

Grid Balancing

The system is also the only domestic system in the UK that can be used by National Grid to “balance” electricity supply and demand, a service customers get paid for with credits to their bills.

Avoid Network Charges

The AI hub also automatically ensures customers buy off-peak energy, avoiding paying peak network prices, normally built into electricity bills.

The Social Energy app allows customers to see their trades, up to 100,000 automated per year, track their savings and view their bills instantly. Social Energy estimate electricity bills could be slashed by up to 70%.

Mr Bewsey said: “All the trades are all done for you, but I do look at the app most days to see how we’re doing.”

He added: “We had a few quotes from different suppliers but in the end NGRE came across as a decent, trustworthy company and their partnership with Social Energy seemed very exciting.”

Mr Bewsey is now looking to the future: “My motivation for investing in this system was two-fold; cost-saving but also environmental – to do the right thing.

“With those two factors in mind, we’re now looking at getting an electric vehicle.”

Are you interested in Social Energy or a solar system with battery storage?

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