YouTubers First Video based on his New NGRE Solar System

June 04, 2022 by Greg Bishop

An NGRE customer has been inspired to create his first ever YouTube video following the installation of his new PV solar system.

Nigel Buckton, from Swindon, created the video to help people who are starting out on the energy saving journey, detailing his own personal experience with various energy saving technologies but particularly focusing on his new PV solar system, installed recently by NGRE.

Personal Experience

In his video, in which Nigel helpfully runs his system’s app as a background, featuring real-time usage figures, he says candidly: “My first ever YouTube video. If you’re watching, then probably, like me, you’re starting out on that journey and it is a bit of a challenge and a mine field.

“Nobody has paid me anything or given me anything for this video. This is just my personal experience and it may or may not be useful to you.”

Throughout the video Nigel details what equipment he has installed, the process of installation, and provides valuable nuggets to help people with their own installation.

As well as a PV solar system, Nigel has also invested in a soon-to-be-installed battery storage system and is now investigating electric vehicle charging points.

Energy Savings – The Day is Not Costing Us Anything

Nigel says about the system in the video: “The panels are working well. We are really pleased so far and generally the day is not costing anything, even with using the appliances at the right time.

“What I have seen, is on a good day, 3.8kW, which was expected, and as of the other day, so far, I’d got 627kWh generated.”

Nigel has checked all his bills back to 2020, in which his household consumed 13kWh per day (all from the grid), to make sure he was getting the return he was expecting to get.

He says: “It’s dropped to about 6kWh now, but when the battery arrives, and it being the summer, I’m hoping for a negligible amount from the grid.”

Nigel has stopped using gas for hot water now, instead using excess electricity from his panels to power his immersion heater through the day (managed by a Solar iBoost+ PV immersion controller).

The Installation – Great Team

Nigel’s video also details NGRE’s installation.

He says: “Thanks Greg and great team. In my opinion, a really good job. So, really pleased with the fitters. They were friendly, hard-working and I asked a lot of questions and they gave me as many answers as they could. It was really helpful and put me at ease. So definitely recommended.”

He added: “The solar equipment turned up about 6 o’clock Wednesday morning and the fitters from NGRE turned up on Thursday morning, 8 o’clock, and just started getting on with it.”

The System

Nigel’s system comprises 12 REC 365w monocrystalline solar panels, totalling 4.38kWp, a 3.6kW GivEnergy hybrid inverter, and an 8.2kWh GivEnergy battery.

It is estimated that the system’s total annual PV generation will be 4,200kWh, and, in combination with the battery storage system, will provide 78% or 3276kWh of Nigel’s electricity needs (the remainder exported to the grid).

During the video, Nigel, explains how he created a space in his back yard under a window for the installation as the GivEnergy Inverter is IP65 rated and so suitable for an exterior install if you do not have the space inside.

Worth Looking at a Battery

Nigel says: “In my opinion, it is worth looking at the battery option, as the spike when the clouds go in or less solar, and you need dinner, can be easily absorbed.

“The battery will definitely remove the 6kWh we use overnight for the majority of the year we can charge it.”

Why Solar?

Nigel says: “I worked out I was using 13kWh per day, and I averaged that from the bills, so that gave me an idea, and obviously at that point, what with the rising prices, I thought solar panels might be a good investment.”

Interesting Stats

The GivEnergy app runs behind Nigel throughout the video demonstrating the various information and statistics the system can provide in a user-friendly format. These include the energy his system is generating, the energy his household is consuming and what it is either importing to, or exporting from, the grid. It also shows the energy his system has generated that day and in total, how much his household has consumed that day and in total, and how much power his system has exported and/or imported that day and in total.

Nigel also demonstrates the use of various graphs on the app where all the statistics can be viewed, compared, and analysed allowing users to make changes in lifestyle or change when they use various appliances to reduce costs.

For example, Nigel zeros-in on spikes in usage on the graph, demonstrating when his household is using more than his system is producing, and has reasoned that when his battery system is installed that these spikes will be smoothed-out and thus reduce or eliminate how much energy he imports.

Watch this Video

Greg Bishop, managing director of NGRE, said: “People who are looking to invest in energy saving and renewable technology should watch this video to get a personal insight from someone who has done it.

“I’d have no hesitation in sending people who are weighing-up whether to invest in a PV system to Nigel’s video as a source of valuable information and insight.”

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